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WriterShack.com is a unique concept in the publishing world – a place where writers, editors, and publishers can meet and network. Unlike other social media sites and forums, WriterShack is comprised only of users in the publishing industry. Want to find a place to submit your work? Looking for a new editor? Just want to socialize with other like-minded individuals? Create your profile today and start meeting other publishing professionals!

In addition to our social media platform, we also feature articles and how-to’s for writers and editors, tutorials on blogging and blogging platforms such as WordPress and Drupal, product reviews for productivity software and apps, and market listings.

We’ll also be interesting some interesting tools for writers in the near future, so be sure to subscribe to our blog or check back often. Big things are afoot at the Shack!



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Information about how you can help or contribute to the site will appear here as the site gets completed. Check back often.


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If you have additional questions you can also refer to the FAQs found here.


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You can also contact us for support anytime you need a little help.


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