The Top iPhone Apps for Writers

The Top iPhone Apps for Writers

Your iPhone is not only a great tool for communication and entertainment, but you can also put it to use to give you some much-needed help with your writing.  This brief list will feature some of the top iPhone apps for writers that you can download to enhance your productivity and make writing just a bit easier.


Here’s a rather obvious choice.  The Dictionary.com app is highly-regarded and is a must for any writer looking to make the most out of their iPhone.  Not only do you get the English dictionary on your iPhone, but you also get the thesaurus that can come in handy when you want to inject some new vocabulary into your writing.  You’ll even get a daily word to help expand your vocabulary on the go as well as example sentences that showcase proper usage.  Dictionary.com is free, but perhaps its best feature is that it can be used offline when you are searching words.


Keeping track of all of your writing assignments can get tricky, especially if you work with several clients and have a busy schedule.  Evernote gives you the power to basically take notes in various formats so that nothing is forgotten.  You can use the app to capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, and, of course, take notes.  Evernote’s premium features will cost you, but the amount paid is nothing compared to the app’s value.


The FastPencil app allows you to write and work on books right on your iPhone.  You can collaborate with others on your writing projects by sharing comments, writing notes, editing chapters, and much more at no cost.

Spice Mobile

Are you having writer’s block again?  Are you feeling uninspired?  If so, having the Spice Mobile app on your iPhone could be a big boost.  This user-friendly app is essentially a phrase thesaurus that boasts a library of over 8,000 keywords and 22,000 phrases.  You’ll need a paid subscription to experience all of the goodness that Spice Mobile offers, but it is well worth it if you find yourself lacking inspiration from time to time.

Literary Analysis Guide

This iPhone app was developed with students of rhetoric or literature in mind.  Still, you can use it as an aid with your writing, as it offers a nice refresher course on the different concepts and elements of literature and how they work.

Writing Kit

Writing Kit is a paid app that features a clean interface and is useful for writers seeking a helpful tool for researching and writing documents or screenplays.  If you are a heavy user of Markdown or Fountain, Writing Kit is a great addition to your iPhone.

The Huffington Post

If you specialize in producing news stories for your clients, you are going to want to know what’s hot at the moment.  That’s where The Huffington Post iPhone app comes in.  You can receive up-to-the-minute news stories directly to your iPhone at no cost at all.  By seeing details on current events as they occur, you can create quick news pieces that are bound to attract attention.


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